Photo by Jazmynn Brown Facebook: Jazmynn Photography Instagram: Jazmynn16

I think I’m intoxicated off the captivation of your gorgeous profile,

Which takes me away like I’m on a boat taking a float down the slow Nile,

Or lifts me to a drift, and has me walking up on cloud nine.

Sober, yet still high of your glow that shines like a gold mine…

Sober, yet drunk off the voice of your every word;

even the ones that seem slurred.

For they’re still heard, as you have all my attention,

And got all my needs; but this is known without mention.

For you know me better than my friend from my child hood,

The only one who gets me, when I don’t feel understood,

The only one who supports, although I’ve been crazy lately,

You see pass it, cuz you can admit that you’re also crazy…

And I’m crazy about you and us and the future ahead,

Loving now til we share the same bed, and til the day that I’m dead…

This is nice, this is sweet, this is crazy talk I know…

But it’s what I know…


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