Photo by Jazmynn Brown Facebook: Jazmynn Photography Instagram: Jazmynn16

Can’t find a match to your beauty; I’ve looked from the Earth to Sun
Trying to find lights brighter than your smile, but can’t seem to find one…
My eyes take in more beauty than the black holes consume, when I look at you…
Like the all of the Galaxy, you give me a miraculous view…
Only thing as stunning might be the supernova of all stars,
But you remain the brightest of all quasars..

Your eyes catch attention like the details of mars…
Your smile hits like a showers of meteors…
Your love makes me want to give you the world and then Saturn’s ring…
You got that touch that refreshes me like a comet’s forming.

When that comet falls, most will be at awe…
However I’ve been blessed with you presence so I’ve seen it all…

The lodestar, Orion’s belt, lunar eclipse and the Plough may impress,
But if it’s being matched up to you I’m asking “What’s next?”

From here to the farthest star you couldn’t measure my love for you,
I’d travel from to infinity and beyond to just to bring something back that glows as much as you do
You bless me with a feel and a site, so I think you should enjoy the view too…
And let me hold you with my alien voodoo
As we make one out of two
Passing be star formations one day laughing at all that we’ve been through…


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