This a fictional story, based off my thoughts….


One thing that government and big technology based companies want you to know is that they use potentially defective devices on small towns. They have humans; taxpaying Americans become their own personal lab monkeys. Most people that hear this wouldn’t think that anything serious could become of these experiments, but they don’t know the stories. Lucky for you a file has been leaked. So enjoy.
File #83789928390
Subject: Jerry Fieldsien (16)
Witnesses: Tasha Fieldsien (Wouldn’t tell us), Tom Burke (17), John Tim (16), Janet Kim (16)
Location: Knotherdove (not-heard-of), TX
In May 2012, cell phone Company “Faux Cellular” decided to use their new Nuclear powered sell phone the “Bomber”. Three (3) months before the release the company offered use of the prototype to Knotherdove, Texas. Knotherdove, Texas is a small isolated town, with the population of 800. With 7 stores, 1 bank, and 1 school (Unnoan [unknown] academy). The town was the perfect size and location to perform the test.
Goal: Offer it to one high school to use and see the performance of the phone in 2 weeks.
Tom Burke (Best Friend): On February 11th there was an assembly in the gym at the end of school. Apparently it was some type of special announcement to be made. When we got there, a big hyper cheese ball looking dude, was talking about something. I was really tired and had a rough night, so all I truly remember was that there was going to be a drawing for a new phone. It was called “the bomber”, “terrorism”, “Iraq” or something in that area. I would have stayed up for it but it was nap time for me.
Janet Kim (Girlfriend): Nothing was special about the assembly, but the phone sounded awesome. Then they made the drawing so suspenseful. It seemed like everyone had their fingers crossed but it was useless because they soon picked Jerry as the winner. I was so happy for him, for the moment. When Jerry and I went to see the Faux guy, he explained that this isn’t an official phone, and that it’s a tester. Jerry was eager to use it, but I was pleading for him not to. Something about a nuclear power phone didn’t sound safe at all. I told him to wait until it comes out in stores. That Faux loser told him to take the night to sleep on it. So Jerry went home, and he told me he was going to think about the phone, especially since it was free.

Tasha Fieldsien (Mother): Jerry came home that day in a rush. He kept babbling on about a bomb, a cell phone, and a corny man working for Faux. After he slowed down he explained the “Bomber” to me. I didn’t want to burst his bubble, but I had to let him know that he should test this phone out. It could be dangerous and blow up while it’s on his ear. He kept reminding me “It’s not a real bomb Mom, it just a phone”. I still told him to be patient. If he waits for some other child to test it out, he could buy it when the company launches the phone. Sadly this child had not learned what patience meant.
Tom Burke: The next day at school I see Jerry walking into school talking into something. I had to go up and ask him what it is, and he told me it was the “bomber”. He showed me why the “Bomber” was the BOMB. It had 5G service, level 9 speakers, music, video, pictures, and you could even watch movies on it. Every time I saw him that day he was using that darn phone. It was like the phone was his addiction.
Janet Kim: After school Jerry was showing off his phone to everyone. Even though it was a sweet phone I wanted to BREAK that thing. He was ignoring me,
and loving that stupid phone. He was texting, listening to music, and playing a game on it all at the same time.
Tasha Fieldsien: Jerry came home from school and let me know he disobeyed me. He told about all that his phone could do, and how well it worked. I didn’t really care for the phone, because I told him not to get it. I should have took it from him, but he’s faster than me now and I’m not going to chase him.
John Tim (Hater): Later that night, he and that phone was all over twitter saying “I love this phone.” And “I got the new ‘Bomber’ and I’m exploding with joy.” It was like he had a crush. He needed to shut up about it. I saw the phone at school and it wasn’t even that cool.
Tasha Fieldsien: Jerry woke up the next morning looking awful. I checked him for a fever and he put his hand on my shoulders and said “Mom, I’m not sick!” When I look at his hands they look slightly green. Seeing this, I jump at the sight of that and ask if he was bit by a spider or something. He said all he did last night was use his phone. Automatically I knew that phone was the cause of this, but he didn’t want to hear it and stormed out the door.
Tom Burke: I saw John on the 13th and he seemed sick. He looked pale and he wouldn’t take his gloves off inside. I tried to talk to him but each time he looked at me with those glassy eyes and he would say “I have to go bro” and kept it moving.
Janet Kim: I decided to walk Jerry home this day because he didn’t look to good. His pigment made him look like a corpse and he threw up three times already. He told me he thought it was the phone but he doesn’t want to get rid of it. I said “Jerry, it’s making you ill. I told you not to test the phone.” He looked at me for a minute and opened his mouth slowly saying, “You’re ri…” Jerry never got the words out. He dropped to the floor and completely stopped responding. I called 911 but he was dead b


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