You’re a star, love…
There’s some things you shouldn’t have to deal with
You not acting, I can tell you deal with real shit
People fakin on you and BSing on the daily basis
And you don’t deserve it, you’re victem to the cases…
With no defendent, just a few friends and more pretending they are,
But you don’t need this baby girl, you know you’re a star….

You’re a star, love…
So I hate when they speak to you that way,
Baby fuck all that they say,
But you allow somethings, that I don’t understand,
And I’m I should be in you business like a father, but I’m caring as your man…
A man that thinks you should be treat as you are,
And I know for sure that you’re a star…

You’re a star, love…
Just know that, and believe it,
Don’t doubt the fact, it’s as perminant as ceament,
It’s more genuine than know,
But just as obvious as it would show…
I know you don’t realize how special you are…
Because when it’s far, it’s hard to see the brightest star…


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