I say “I’m here” when I say “Baby, I love you”
I know you scared to leave your circle, I’ll pop the bubble with you,
I know your life ain’t easy and you got some issues
I’m here to hear, whipe each tear, I know you hate the tissues,
You hate showing emotions but let me play audiance,
Or therapist, doctor, lover in every sence…

I’m here for you, I promise I won’t ever leave,
Pursuing spots in your future so I’ll be forever weaved…

I’m here for you, and just for you
Day dreaming bout marrying you soon,
Embracing the pain with you,
So you can withstand and make it through

I’m here for you, to listen silently
Or to add my input in slightly,

I’m here for you, whether a step away or a call
Through rough and smooth, til death I’m here through it all

I know you have doubts and you scared but when you have fear…
Remember that I’m here…


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