Wale benie

Accessories are a big factor of fashion and style. With hats being one of the leading accessories used by both men and women, why not let one of hip hop’s freshest have his own line?

wt benies

Wale, known for rap, clothes, and million sneakers, has his own hat brand called “Wrking Title”. A brand name and slogan, “What’s life without grind?”, that represents Wale’s ambition and work effort, and also the work of those who wear this brand. Although this brand is just launching benies right now, Wale fans can’t wait to see what Wrking Title’s future looks like.

wt benies 2

Right now, fans love the benies and even celebrites are seen rocking the Working Title benie. Many pro atheletes, musicians, and models have been showing Wale love all over social networking sites and blogs. If you want to show Wale love as well check out wrkingtitle.com for their new nfl season launch and wait for more to come.

wt benie model

As for me, I’m ordering my Wrking Title benies today.

wt dot com


One thought on “The Title – Shawn Price

  1. A man after my own heart. I’m a big accessory person. The right accessory can make a bland outfit look really classy. These benies come in a multitude of colors and designs. I love this post.

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