At some point in our lives we all fall in love with something; whether it being a sport, a place, a friendship, or a significant other. It can be big or small, tall or short, either way it’s ours to love, to cherish, to enjoy. Sometimes we don’t find this “thing” right away, sometimes we have to go through hardships, we have to wait, or sometimes it’s just simply there. No one can tell us what we love and how we love it; the heart wants what the heart wants. Once you find that something that you love, your heart grasps it, there’s not talking the heart out of loving something. What you love and how you love can be similar to someone else’s, but never the same love. If you haven’t found that something that you love, keep waiting, it’ll come, I promise; but when you do find it or if you have already found it… Love that something full on with no looking back.



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