love letters

Baby you got that good stuff to make me wanna soar,
There’s no wondering why you’re the girl I adore..
And no wonder why I always wanna do right by you,
Or why you’re the one I always come back to

Baby I just say…
I gotta have you, you’re my sunshine for everyday…
I just wanna make you smile,
Whether it takes a second or a while,
I just want you in my heart, or you can keep it,
As long I get your love in return because baby I need it…
You’re love gives me rush, like a thrill ride
I just hope my love give you warmth til the sun and moon collide…

And I know that I am just rambling on,
Because if I could write about all our love all the paper would be gone…
Basically I love you, lets just keep it at that
You took my heart and


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