Photo by Jazmynn Brown Facebook: Jazmynn Photography Instagram: Jazmynn16

Is Heaven here?

Because I’m standing here in front of an angelic creature,

Taking my breathe away with each gorgeous feature..

She has me wondering what’s in her mind; and her dress as well,

Girl giving me thoughts that will have me sent to hell…

Is Heaven here?

Because I feel peace and I feel serenity.

Her being here let’s me know that God is friends with me.

Having her let’s me know what a blessing is,

Especially since I deserve so much less than this.

Is Heaven here?

Or is this just a romantic dream…

I hope not because I love how things seem.

I love the feeling she gives,

So now my heart is where she lives…

Is Heaven here?

Because I feel it, and I know she does too…

I feel love, because she loves me too..


One thought on “Is Heaven Here? – Shawn Price

  1. Requiescant
    By Frederick George Scott
    IN lonely watches night by night
    Great visions burst upon my sight,
    For down the stretches of the sky
    The hosts of dead go marching by.
    Strange ghostly banners o’er them float, 5
    Strange bugles sound an awful note,
    And all their faces and their eyes
    Are lit with starlight from the skies.
    The anguish and the pain have passed
    And peace hath come to them at last, 10
    But in the stern looks linger still
    The iron purpose and the will.
    Dear Christ, who reign’st above the flood
    Of human tears and human blood,
    A weary road these men have trod, 15
    O house them in the home of God!

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