War here is different that it is in Pakistan,
On some streets you got to wear bullet proof to the hotdog stand;
Kids have fear of the walk to school and the bus ain’t even safe ride,
Now of days you know people who tried to run from trouble and have died…

Yeah, Iran seems bad, but its not much better over here,
and the crazy thing is that our issues get bigger every year.
Funerals every day, everyone wearing all black;
Cold new tombstones with the R.I.P plaque…

We know someone is fighting for our freedom, but we cant be free with no life…
A life, something so complex that can simply be ended with a mad man’s knife,
A life; all of our lives seem to be in the hands of anyone that may plot or snap,
With evil controlling those that might just have you take a dirt nap…

Personally, I’m tired of another human being placed as the greatest fear,
I’m tired of hearing of lost loved ones, who can no longer wipe the livings tears…
Babies getting killed, mothers being violated, etc. etc…. I CAN’T ANYMORE
We’re on a battle field but yet we’re a ocean away from the war…

I commend the real soldiers for fighting to protect me and you,
But those in the struggle pat yourself on the back because we’re fighting too…


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