Thought I seen poparatzi flashing, but it was just your smile,
My gorgeous diva, with great looks, class, and style…

Hollywood, my superstar I’m your #1 fan,
Just another admirror trynna be your #1 man,
But not looking for your signiture, just heartbeat,
As you write your name in stars while other do it sharpie…

Hollywood, you won my heart like you win tlhose awards,
I’m just trying to win your love, and I’m trying it with these words
Listen, hear people calling your name?
Now try and listen to my heart, I swear its doing the same…

Hollywood, Baby the cameria loves you,
And honestly I’m in love too..
Whether you’re famous or not,
You’re a superstar to me, even if I’m the only fan you got…

Hollywood, just pose on em and do you,
I’m here front row watching your debut…
So shine on em like summer day, don’t worry bout a fall,
You always got your fan, all you gotta do is call…

Just some more fan letter,
Just a taste, baby trust it gets better …


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