No, I’m not leaving for college yet.. I still have to get through my senior year which started on the 26th. I’ve probably mentioned this before but I don’t have a big amount of “best friends” I have 3 people who I consider my genuine “best friends.” Two are seniors along with me but one of them is a junior. We met when I was a sophomore and she was a freshman but we were never best friends until about the middle of my junior year and her sophomore year. We became best friends at the most weirdest time, we were both going through a break up.. but that’s another story.

Anyways, I’ll be leaving for college next year as she will just be starting her senior year. It’s going to be a difficult time for both of us considering how close we are. I know distance wont dampen our friendship though. But, to get her through the time length that I am gone I’m buying her a journal titled “To my best friend as I leave for college.” I am going to write to her every day of my senior year in it, wrap it up, and give it to her right before I leave for college but she isn’t aloud to read a day ahead, she has to start reading her first day of school and so on.

In this journal I am going to write about anything and everything, notes to when she’s really missing me, motivation notes, notes about high school in general, inspiring notes, notes for days she’s feeling sad that she can go back and read, notes about what we will do when I return for the summer.. I have so many ideas wrapped up in my head I could just explode. When I start writing, I could give you guys a sneak peak if you would like!

Just thought I would share my idea with you lovelies, I hope you have a great day and let me know if you would like to see some of the things that I will be writing in the journal once I start!.

Journal is from Etsy



6 thoughts on “To My Best Friend as I Leave for College – Kierra Makayla

  1. Shawn,
    What a beautiful gift! Wishing you the best in College.
    I just know that your experience will be excellent and that you will get the most out of college.
    Best wishes,

  2. The Volunteer
    By Herbert Asquith
    HERE lies a clerk who half his life had spent
    Toiling at ledgers in a city grey,
    Thinking that so his days would drift away
    With no lance broken in life’s tournament:
    Yet ever ’twixt the books and his bright eyes 5
    The gleaming eagles of the legions came,
    And horsemen, charging under phantom skies,
    Went thundering past beneath the oriflamme.
    And now those waiting dreams are satisfied;
    From twilight to the halls of dawn he went; 10
    His lance is broken; but he lies content
    With that high hour, in which he lived and died.
    And falling thus he wants no recompense,
    Who found his battle in the last resort;
    Nor needs he any hearse to bear him hence, 15
    Who goes to join the men of Agincourt.

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