At random times of day I’m sparked with inspiration or random thoughts. My thoughts today led to “The Outsiders” and the 60’s. Sometimes I wish I was born in the 60’s. Dancing to music at diners, being friends with The Greasers, going to drive in movies, dressing in all the cute clothes they wore… high waisted shorts, leather jackets, bandannas, cut offs, etc.. (even though I incorporate that into my wardrobe today.) It just seemed like such a fun time period to live in. The 60’s seemed like such a carefree time; something how I imagine my summer nights. Dancing, talking, laughing, singing, walk around the streets at night..simply without a care in the world. Oh and please don’t get me started on Ralph Macchio in his teenage years!

young and rough

I’m not sure why The Outsider popped in to my head today, maybe because I have it sitting right on my computer desk where I can see it every time I walk by it… But I just wanted to share with you my thoughts. Hope you all have an amazing day.


large (3)_thumb[1]


large (2)_thumb[2]



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