“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Am I the only one who day dreams about their future quite often? I mean, I’m only 17 but I feel as though I have everything planned out in my head (thank you pinterest and tumblr.) In no way am I in a hurry to grow up but I dream about it all the time…

I’m sure it’s different for adults, but as I’m a teenager I just imagine myself newly married in a cute little New York apartment. Then as my husband and I succeed I picture us sitting in a nice pretty house, maybe in Westchester, New York or LA.. I see myself starting out with two kids, hopefully twins (: I see my family as successful, me a writer and my husband playing a sport haha.

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It’s like I can imagine it all. I see myself one day being a fruitful blogger and hopefully work my way up to writing books or writing in a magazine. I see myself dressing my toddlers in cute little clothes and cooking in the kitchen barefoot for my family every night. Then I even see my future cook outs with my friends now, with their cute little families. The most exciting of all is imagining my wedding; how my dress will look, where it will be at, how emotional but happy my family will be and everything!

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It’s so crazy how I can daydream so vividly about these types of things, but it’s fun in a way; it’s like you can totally wait to be an adult but sometimes it’s just so fun to imagine your future. I guess it’s just my imagination. I know I can’t be the only one thought!?

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Never lower your standards and never think that your dreams won’t come true, because whatever you put your mind to and if you don’t give up and you have faith in all the right places then anything is possible.



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