Brown skin girl…

Beautiful brown skin; fair skins,

Skin so soft it seems more rare than,

Finding gold mine in your backyard,

Or seeing your backyard hit by 3 shooting stars

Brown skin girls, Same brown skin of that mother land descent,

My African queen, with that hometown scent…

What a wonderful gift,

Like the type of gift that causes my spirits to up lift.

Brown skin girl, I wish you were fully comfortable in your skin,

And know that God had to make it perfect for it to be the skin he put his angel in,

And I’m not saying your perfect because even the Lord’s angels have flaws,

But you must be pretty close to be causing my oooh’s and my awe’s

Brown skin girl, What a gorgeous girl mine,

Who I’ll forever have in mind,

Eternally stuck in my head, but that’s alright

As long as you’re eternally stuck in my dreams at night

Brown skin girl, Know I don’t put you in any others comparison,

Know In my eyes your flaws are artwork compared to them…


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