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The Garden – Shawn Price

I think I’m in the Garden of Eden,
Surrounded by these forbidden women,
As if they fell off every tree here,
And all look good hell,
They always approach, and my serpent is ready to eat,
As if they couldn’t tell,
But I’m still showing  my Eve that I ain’t sinning yet,
I ain’t taste the fruit
I ain’t swimming in these women at all,
Cuz I know if my snake takes a bite it’ll be sweeter than a kiss,
But the bitter venom might be bad for us all,
Atleast I hear sweet fruit is how Adam had that fall,
And we been stuck at that evil tree since…

The 4th – Shawn Price


The day of independence for law breakers
In the land of the Free Captives,
A day for kids to fire off firearms during the fireworks,
Then fights break out right afterwards,
And neighborhoods turn to night clubs afterwards,
And we drink to forget that this is the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year that ‘so and so’ ain’t here for this,
USA chants become sirens,
And little girls with sparklers go missing on dark streets,
This is the purge,
Nothing like the vision of the heads of the mount
But this is where Uncle Sam is hugged before the Founding Fathers,
This is America’s least favorite dream

The Walk – Shawn Price


Let’s take our shadows for a walk in the light,
Watch them play in park,
Dig in the sand lot until they find all three flavors of love,
Reaching forearm deep in each other’s spirit,
Fondling and caressing thoughts, dreams, and sparks,
Seeing if these sparks can feed their souls,
And seeing if our vibes can start conversing before the night,
The time where the shadows play hide and seek,
And act as Angels in a park of beast,
In perfect balance…

Distance – Shawn Price


I’ll hug you when I see you like you’re leaving for a trip,
If you ever need some love then just wish up on blimp,
And I’ll go searching for a ticket,
But only for a minute,
Cuz home comings are turning visits,
Before I left and I was leaving,
But now leaving for a meeting and can’t leave without my kiss,
Put it in My suitcase pocket before I go ahead and dip,
Packing it next to my notebook, pen, some letters, and you’re shirt that you claim is way too big,
And I’m packing the fewer clothes that I keep forgetting,
Cuz I’m setting up shop,
Turning mi casa to a castle
I know you’re gonna miss You’re Prince,
But I’ll be home in a just bit,
Cuz I’ve been fiending hit,
And I know it’s been a while,
But I really need lift,
Cuz this distance is a strain,
But I could wait for winter just to see if it’s an omen,
Just so wait a moment,
Wait for love…

The Son – Shawn Price


I be getting hot, cuz the begotten sons is setting.
I think I’m losing faith in him,
Trying to inhale his word but some days I lose taste in it,
How do I trust Christ if he’s part man and I can’t even put faith in my own brother.
Getting lost in the race of over lapping thoughts,
Trying to hide in God’s garden but his kids steal my fruit and chips,
And I wake up with Eve and Adam eatin’ all of it,
Thinking like “Dang, I should’ve called that,
I mean I’ve studied the fall of man,
So I should’ve seen the fault they have,
But I didn’t realize the word is that accurate.”
I know Pops bends over backwards for me,
But the messages never seem straight forward…

Father please,
Forgive these doubts with answers and signals,
I just need a sign before the sun sets on my days…

Out of Patience – Shawn Price


She waits,
Counting down to the day of her father’s arrival,
She grows weary of being haunted by dead promises,
Sore and tired from holding her hopes up,
Wanting his cold touch,
Holding her place as Daddy’s little stranger,
While trying to hold a seel over the hole in her heart,
Leaving blood to leak and wash out as tears on lonely days,
Wishing the stage of missing him turned to “I missed you”,
Crying out for her superman,
Whose identity is out of sight,
But if he lost his cape and died in flight,
She’d still die inside
But dead or alive he can’t reach her heart beat when she lies at night…